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My Other Stuff

Here’s some of the other stuff I’ve done, including several years of computer programming and system design.

Seattle Central Community College
developed work-study program and two computer courses
MedTek Systems
computer programmer-analyst for medical data system
Elna’s Custom Draperies
my brief career as a drapery installer
State if Washington
computer consultant and programmer
GTE Systems
computer programmer-analyst assigned to New York office
State of Washington
computer programmer-analyst
Institute of Cultural Affairs
de veloped and led community workshops in Chicago and New York
University of Southern California
computer consultant and tech writer
Los Angeles Musicians Union
system design and tech writer
Hughes Aircraft
consultant and taught computer classes
Los Angeles Transit Authority
coordinated public meetings for proposed monorail system
Seattle Artifical Kidney Center
assistant adminstrator and wrote public relations materials
Favorite Theaters
wrote publicity for this Spokane theater chain and managed two theaters
Fifth Avenue Theater
assistant manager when it was still a movie house
Underwood Books
book layout and design for several title
Timetrek Books
edited and published several titles
Star Trek Fact Files
contributing writer (80 articles) to this international weekly

I have also written articles for several publications
Writer’s Digest, Animation World Magazine and the Los Angeles Times