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My Books

Most of my books fare or tweens, otherwise known as middle grade readers, and young adults.
I created the award-winning Cybersurfers books and the Internet for Kids series.
The sections in “quotes” are third party reviews.

Seattle’s Greenwood-Phinney Neighborhood

The beauty of Seattle’s Greenwood lies in its contrasts.
It is an old-fangled neighborhood with a trendy edge, where
coffee shops and espresso bars mix with cafés, shops, and galleries
patronized by antique hounds. The locals dub it “Seattle’s hidden treasure.”
The area hosts a world-class zoo and is home to the only Tibetan Buddhist
monastery in the world outside of Tibet.

Internet For Kids

Three editions were published. The book has
sold over 250,000 copies
and was translated into a dozen foreign languages.

How to Make Your Own Web Page


How to Find Almost Anything on the Internet

The Star Trek Books

If you like Star Trek, you should enjoy these new young adult adventures
based on the Deep Space Nine series.

The Pet

The Pet
It’s the anniversary of the discovery of the Wormhole,
and ships from all over the galaxy are headed to Deep Space Nine
to celebrate. When the freighter Ulysses
docks, an animal escapes from one of the
crewmembers and heads straight for Jake Sisko. This one was
co-authored with my friend, Mel Gilden.

Gypsy World

Gypsy World
“This is the best Young adult Star Trek novel ever. Ted Pedersen
did an outstanding job writing it. I hated that they canceled the YA series
because they were a fairly new series and they didn’t give them a chance.
If they would done more like this it would have been a sucessful series.”


Space Camp

Space Camp
Jake and Nog are attending an Academy summer camp
when they meet Dyan, a pretty Betazoid. Friendly competition turns
ugly as they compete for Dyan’s favour. But, preoccupied with their private war,
they fail to realise that they’ve accidentally triggered a superbomb
sitting deep underground.


Trapped In Time

Trapped in Time
Jake and Nog are in Paris where they chase a Changeling back in
time to the Resistance Movement in Paris in the 1940s.
Along the way, Jake meets a girl who turns out to be a distant ancestor of Picard’s.


The Tale of the Virtual Nightmare

Tale of the Virtual Noightmare
“Every so often, it pays to browse the juvenile fiction section of the bookstore.
Authors for the young and young-at-heart, have a way of targeting everyone’s greatest fear and
finding a remedy for the situation. TVN is first and foremost a good scary story.
Throw in both a male and a female protagonist–and the female is more than window-dressing–and a rogue artificial
intelligence computer virus as the antagonist, and allow
Ted Pedersen to work his magic, and a new top-seller is born.”


The True Fright Books

True Frights
“A young girl skating on a pond with her friend suddenly sees the ice
spidering beneath her skates. She turns–desperate to reach the safety of shore–but it’s too late.
As her horrified friend watches helplessly, the young girl disappears beneath the ice… Terrifying?
Absolutely. But what makes it even more scarier is that it’s true! All the stories in this
book really did happen!”

Buried Alive
True scary stories for kids.

Trapped Beneath the Ice
Still more true scary stories.

The Cybersurfer Books

Pirates on the Internet
“Cybersurfers is a Young Adult book.
It is about a kid, named Jason, who hacks to show off his computer skills.
He doesn’t do any harm to the programs. He just tries to break in
because it is challenging to him. He gets involved with the group
who disguise themselves as pirates and that leads him into trouble with
the police. Jason and Athena go on an adventure to help him get out
of the mess he got into.

Pirates on the Internet

The first book in the Cybersurfers series. Selected as a New York Library
noteable book and one of the best books for boys published in Italy in 1999.

Cyberspace Cowboy

After a teenager finally tracks down a fellow net hacker,
she realizes that he is hiding from gangsters and that she has
unintentionally revealed his identity to them.

Ghost on the Net

After witnessing an online seance, Jason receives mysterious messages
from his late mother that send him and Athena on a quest to
uncover the secrets of MetaCorp, a company that has supposedly perfected
computerized immortality.

Cybercops and Flame Wars

Athena becomes entangled in an Internet “flame war”, and enlists her
friend Jason to help stop the escalating problems that result.

I’ve also co-authored and/or ghost written several other books, including
When Someone Love is in Therapy and chapters for Wordperfect Super Book